We’re Lindsey & Rob, a husband and wife team  who consider themselves to be joy seekers. We feel Incredibly lucky that our job brings us to people on the happiest day of their liFE.



about you

Aside from your future spouse, the people that you spend the most time with on your wedding day are your photographers, so finding a good fit is important. You've come to the right place if...

You like a dynamic and artistic style of photography that blends precious candid moments with carefully composed shots, and you trust the vision of the photographer to document your wedding and then curate and hand-edit the final photo package.

Great wedding photos are important to you.  The pictures you receive from your photographer will be your most vivid memories from your special day, and you look forward to proudly sharing them with your closest friends and family.

You’re balancing a LOT in your wedding planning, so you want vendors who are responsive, transparent, organized, accommodating, professional and trustworthy, and who will help in any way possible to make your wedding experience even better than you imagined.

You want to feel comfortable when the camera's pointed at you.  A few tips, prompts, laughs, and a natural, light-hearted atmosphere will help put you at ease and draw out your most photogenic self.

During your wedding day you want to be surrounded by people who genuinely care about you and your happiness and who share in the joy and excitement of your wedding celebration.

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about us

We love to adventure together – our first ‘date’ was spread across three states (RI, MA, and NH), we got engaged in Ecuador and honeymooned in Belize. We are both originally from the Midwest, but met in Dover.

We’re aspiring minimalists – Lindsey is huge into organization and downsizing, and together we’ve watched all of the Tiny House shows out there (plus spent a night in one in San Francisco!).

We’re romantics at heart – Rob quit his job and moved across the country to pursue Lindsey when they were first dating. Lindsey loves cheesy Hallmarks movies, but Rob is more likely to tear up watching them!


We have analytical backgrounds – Lindsey has a Masters degree in Biostatistics, and Rob is a Mechanical Engineer.

We’re (mostly) vegetarians – Rob decided he didn’t need to kill an animal in order to have a meal in 2012 and has been animal-free since then. Since we cook together, Lindsey doesn’t eat meat by default but likes to splurge on our occasional night out.

Lindsey is a talented musician – she sings, plays piano, violin and pretty much anything with strings!  She also leads a contemporary Christian worship band (which is how we met), and has written and recorded a few originals.

Rob is an accomplished (but not that fast!) runner – among others, he’s finished 3 of the 5 toughest marathons in the world (Great Wall of China, Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and Pike’s Peak) in the top 10-20%.