Printing your images

We believe that photos are meant to printed and enjoyed. That is why we partner with a professional printing lab, mpix so that you can easily print your images and create albums. It is the printing service that we use for all of our personal prints as well. Here are some instructions to help you navigate the site.


  1. Click on the link to your shared album from our e-mail.

  2. A new tab for opens.  Click ‘Save these Photos for Ordering’.

  3. If you already have an mpix account, you can simply log in now using your existing account. If not, it’s quick, easy and free to sign up for an account.

  4. After logging in, you’ll be brought to the ‘Albums Shared with You’ section.  Click on the thumbnail for your album. Your images are now fully imported and are available for your use.

  5. From here you can search for the type of product that you’re looking for, from prints, to albums, canvases, and more.  Use the Search bar at the top of the page, click on one of the Headings at the top of the page, or click ‘All Products’ at the bottom of the page.

  6. When you're ready to order, your images can be found under the mpix tab. We recommend E-Surface paper for your prints. You do not need to pay for additional color correction, this is already done as part of our editing process.

Other things to note:

-By default, your images will be available for 3 months. You can request more time by shooting us an e-mail.

-Your high-resolution photos can be printed as large as you need, the images will all come out looking crisp and beautiful.

-We generally keep our photos in the 2x3 aspect ratio as shot in camera. This means that the best sizes to print are 4x6, 8x12, 16x24, etc. If you print different aspect ratios, please check how the photo was cropped so that nothing gets cut out when it is printed. (Default cropping centers the image.)


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